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Kirk's Brother
Kirk's Nephew
Kirk's Sister-in-Law
Kirk's Son
Kirk's Father
Kirk's Mother
Spock's Father
Spock's Brother
Spock's Mother
Spock's Stepmother
Spock's Grandfather
Spock's Great-Grandfather
McCoy's Father
McCoy's Daughter
Sulu's Daughter
Picard's Father
Picard's Mother
Picard's Brother
Picard's Sister-in-Law
Picard's Nephew
Riker's Father
Riker's Wife
Riker's Transporter-duplicated BrotherSecond Chances, Defiant (DS9)
LaForge's Mother
LaForge's Father
Data's 'Father'
Data's 'Brother'
Data's 'Brother'
Data's 'Mother'
Data's 'Grandfather'
Data's 'Daughter'
Troi's Mother
Troi's Father
Troi's Sister
Troi's Son (by alien impregnation)The Child
Troi's Husband
Worf's Father
Worf's Brother
Worf's Brother-by-ritual (R'uustai)
Worf's Adopted Brother
Worf's Brother-by-house
Worf's Son
Worf's Adopted Father
Worf's Adopted Mother
Worf's First Wife
Worf's Second Wife
Yar's Sister
Crusher's Grandmother
Crusher's Husband
Crusher's Son
Sisko's Son
Sisko's First Wife
Sisko's Biological MotherImage in the Sand/Shadows and Symbols
Sisko's Father
Sisko's Sister
Sisko's Second Wife
Jadzia Dax's Husband
Jadzia Dax's Mother
Ezri Dax's Mother
Ezri Dax's Brother
Ezri Dax's Brother
Bashir's Mother
Bashir's Father
O'Brien's Wife
O'Brien's Daughter
O'Brien's Son
Kira's Mother
Kira's Father
Kira's Brother
Kira's Brother
Odo's 'Father'
Quark's Father
Quark's Mother
Quark's Brother
Quark's Nephew
Rom's First Wife
Rom's Second Wife
Janeway's Mother
Paris' Father
Paris' Wife
Paris' Daughter
Torres' Mother
Torres' Father
Torres' Uncle
Torres' Cousin
Torres' Cousin
Torres' Cousin
Kim's Cousin
Kim's Uncle
Kes' Uncle
Kes' Father
Kes' Mother
Neelix's Sister
The Doctor's Creator (Father)
The Doctor's Holographic WifeReal Life
The Doctor's Holographic SonReal Life
The Doctor's Holographic DaughterReal Life
The Doctor's Adopted SonBlink of an Eye
Chakotay's Father
Tuvok's Wife
Tuvok's Son
Tuvok's Mother
Tuvok's Granddaughter
Tuvok's Daughter
Seven of Nine's Father
Seven of Nine's Mother
Seven of Nine's Aunt
Archer's Father
Archer's Mother
T'Pol's Husband
T'Pol's Daughter
T'Pol's Mother
Tucker's Sister
Tucker and T'Pol's Daughter (genetically)'Demons', 'Terra Prime'
Mayweather's Brother
Mayweather's Mother
Phlox's Son
Phlox's Wife
Garak's Father
Dukat's Daughter
Dukat's Son
Martok's Wife
Martok's Son

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