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To soak up a liquida__b
A vinegar based salad dressingb__c
Scratched by a catc__d
To contribute to a charityd__e
North Pole workere__f
Willingly abstaining from food or drinkf__g
Flavor enhancing embellishmentg__h
African lake dwellersh__i
World famous music mixer (2 words)i_ _j
Device used in airplanes and video gamesj__k
Shelter for a dog or a catk__l
Battery powering elementl__m
Dividing road featurem__n
A massless elementary particlen__o
To partly cover or coincideo__p
A score of 200 on an intelligence test (2 words)p_ _q
To tremble or shake rapidlyq__r
A group of Jewish spiritual leadersr__s
The highest point of a mountains__t
A vegetarian favorite made of soyt__u
Previously owned gas guzzler (2 words)u_ _v
To solemnly swearv__w
Slow burning candle materialw__x
A high frequency electromagnetic wavex__y
A rather clumsy juvenile (2 words)y_ _z

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