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What is the main characters name?
What does the old lady make that The Empress's younger martial brother tried to persuade to support him?
What palm technique does the main character use?
Who is The Empress's assistant?
What technique did The Empress's younger brother steal
What is Old Man Gong's nickname mentioned in the beginning of the story by his attackers?
After coming back to the Palace, what does the Empress give him to practice?
Who gets hurt during the music battle near the beginning of the book?
What does Old Man Gong give the main character to protect?
What instrument does the main character practice
How many tests are there at the Nine Dragons Sect?
Who was the first martial sibling of Old Man Gong's meet?
What does Chief Zhao always have with her?
What color is the main characters hair?
What skill makes the characters basically fly?
Who is the most feared in Jiang hu?
What pains the main character the most when the Empress is dying? What can't he do, that he wants?
Who becomes the leader of the Heavenly Phoenix palace?

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