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She played Wendy Robinson in 1992 with Anthony Hopkins
She voiced the Nurse/The Mad Old Holy Witch 1993 with Sean Connery
She played Muriel Heslop in 1994 with Bill Hunter
She played Julie in 1996 with Jacki Weaver
She played Cynthia in 1996 with Gwyneth Paltrow
She played Young Lilian Singer in 1996 with Barry Otto
She played Harriet Smith in 1996 with Gwyneth Paltrow and James Cosmo
She played Iris Chapman in 1997 with Lisa Kudrow
She played Julia Armstrong in 1997 with John Hannah and James Nesbitt
She played Diana Spencer in 1997 with Dominic West
She played Michelle in the 1998 drama with David Wenham
She played Mandy Slade in 1998 with Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale
She played Griselda in 1999 with John Standing and Don Warrington
She played Lynn Sear in 1999 with Bruce Willis
She played Diane Palmieri in 2000 with Samuel L Jackson
She played Kath in 2000 with Daniel Craig
She voiced Meg Bluegum in 2000 with Sam Neill and John Cleese
She played Michelle in 2002 with Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson
She played Fiona Brewer in 2002 with Hugh Grant
She played Sharon Ryan in 2002 with John Goodman and Sam Neill
She played Kitty in 2002 with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman
She played Sandy Edwards in 2003 with Bill Young
She played Carla in 2004 with Nia Vardalos
She played Emily French in 2004 with Matthew Broderick and Alec Baldwin
She played Rose in 2005 with Cameron Diaz
She played Sheryl Hoover in 2006 with Abigail Breslin and Steve Carell
She played Donna D Logand in 2006 with Robin Williams
She played Sally Rowe in 2006 with Eddie Redmayne
She played Arden in 2006 with James Franco and Rose Byrne
She played Nina Mars in 2007 with Glenn Close and Vanessa Redgrave
She played Maggie Mollison in 2008 with Rhys Wakefiel
She played Mary in 2008 with Leticia Monaghan
She voiced Mary Daisy Dinkle in 2009 with Eric Bana
She played Zooey in 2011 with Ioan Gruffudd and Richard E Grant
She played Jane Brewster in 2011 with Colin Farrell and David Tennant
She played Patricia Herman in 2012 with Michael Sheen
She played Shaz in 2012 with Rebecca Gibney
She played Peggy Robertson in 2012 with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren
She played Pam in 2013 with Steve Carell
She played Ellie Klug in 2013 with Ryan Eggold
She played Sarah in 2013 with James Gandolfini
She played Maureen in 2014 with Pierce Brosnan and Aaron Paul
She played Missi in 2014 with Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon

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