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She played Bernadette Hogan in 1995 with Chris O'Donnell and Colin Firth
She played Irina in 1995 with Pierce Brosnan and Judi Dench
She played Phyllis in 1996 with Marc Anthony and Stanley Tucci
She played Carol Martinez in 1996 with Kevin Bacon and Robert De Niro
She played Debi Newberry in 1997 with John Cusack and Alan Arkin
She voiced Lady Eboshi in 1997 with Billy Bob Thornton and Claire Danes
She played Skylar in 1997 with Matt Damon and Robin Williams
She played Karen in 1998 with Morgan Freeman Christian Slater
She Rosina de Silva in 1998 with Tom Wilkinson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
She played Kendal in 1998 with Nigel Hawthorne and Rufus Sewell
She played Miss Mabel Chiltern in 1999 with Rupert Everett and Cate Blanchett
She voiced Jane in 1999 with Glenn Close and Brian Blessed
She voiced Brooke Shields in 1999 with George Clooney and Eric Idle
She played Grace Briggs in 2000 with David Duchovny and Joely Richardson
She played Mona Hibbard in 2000 with Joey Lauren Adams and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras
She played Trina McTeague in 2000 with Josh Brolin and James Spader
She played Shannon in 2001 with Michael Gambon and Kevin McNally
She played Belinda in 2003 with Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Hurt
He played Vera Edwards in 2003 with Colin Firth and Heather Graham
She played Mandy in 2004 with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Dancy
She played Carlotta in 2004 with Gerard Butler and Simon Callow
She played Karina Danes in 2006 with Angus Macfadyen and Ana Claudia Talancón
She played Ana Nichols in 2007 with Jeremy Renner and Bobby Coleman
She played Kitty in 2007 with Forest Whitaker and Virginia Madsen
She played Sheila in 2009 with Uma Thurman and Anthony Edwards
She played the 2nd Mrs. P in 2010 with Paul Giamatti and Mark Addy
She played Abra Rice in 2010 with Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell
She played Vivienne Mae in 2011 with Aneurin Barnard and Kimberley Nixon
She played Naomi in 2013 with Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall
She played Maggie Royal in 2014 with Alfred Molina and Joesph Marcell
She played Kylie Swanson in 2014 with Meat Loaf and Allie MacDonald

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