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He played Bass Trombone in 1961 with Lesley Phillips and Sid James
He played Tim Taylor in 1963 with Juliet Mills and Joan Sims
He played Jeremy the expectant father in 1963 with Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Connor
He played Thompson's Salesman Bill in 1963 with Alan Hale jr. and Richard Thorp
He played the Young Carrier in 1963 with Kenneth Williams and Bernard Cribbins
He played Carstairs in 1964 with Bernard Cribbins and Charles Hawtrey
He played Horsa in 1964 with Shelia Hancock and Jon Pertwee
He played Harold in 1965 with Sylvia Syms and Frank Thorton
He played Marshal P Knutt in 1966 with Bernard Bresslaw and Percy Herbert
He played Albert Potter in 1966 with Harry H Corbett and Kenneth Williams
He played Lord Darcy Pue in 1966 with Peter Gilmore and Sid James
He played a House Painter in 1967 with Tommy Cooper and Eric Sykes
He played Autolycus in 1967 with Laurence Harvey and Jane Asher
He played Bertram Oliphant 'Bo' West in 1967 with Phil Silvers and Anita Douglas
He played Dr. Jim Kilmore in 1967 with Frankie Howerd and Barbara Windsor
He played Lusty in 1969 with Christopher Plummer and Susannah York
He played Dr. Jimmy Nookey in 1969 with Patsy Rowlands and Patricia Hayes
He played Spike Milligan in 1973 with Arthur Lowe and Geoffrey Hughes
He played Barnett in 1973 with Lynn Redgrave and Colin Blakely
He played Jeff Eldon in 1973 with Spike Milligan and John Bluthal
He played the Pedler in 1977 with Ronald Pickup and Penelope Wilton
He played Dr. Terminus in 1977 with Helen Reddy and Mickey Rooney
He played Eli in 1978 with Karen Valentine and Don Knotts
He played Sir Mordred in 1979 with John Le Mesurier and Pat Roach
He played Inspector Anthony Crisp in 1984 with M. Emmet Walsh and Robert Hays
He played Christopher Columbus in 1992 with Bernard Cribbins and Maureen Lipman

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