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He played Jonathan in 1999 with Elisha Cuthbert and George Takei
He played the Kid 2 in 1999 with Kristian Ayre and Claudia Christian
He played Vic Munoz in 2000 with Kate Hudson and Philip Seymour Hoffman
He played Harry in 2002 with Jessica Biel and Kate Bosworth
He played Jeremy Curran in 2003 with Ian McShane and Rena Owen
He played Danger Barch in 2004 with Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood
He played Art Frankel in 2005 with Sarah Lind and Jim Byrnes
He played the titled character in 2006 with Alexis Bledel and Victor Rasuk
He played Jay in 2007 with Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl
He played Oliver Whynacht in 2007 with Rose Byrne and Graham Greene
He played Andy Hayes in 2008 with Randy Quaid and Jayne Eastwood
He played Kevin Sandusky in 2008 with Ben Stiller and Jack Black
He played Tal in 2008 with Michael Cera and Kat Dennings
He played Windows in 2009 with Kristen Bell and Seth Rogen
He played Sailor Joey Motorola in 2009 with Ben Stiller and Amy Adams
He played Leon Bronstein in 2009 with Liane Balaban and Dan Beirne
He played Kirk in 2010 with Alice Eve and Krysten Ritter
He voiced Hiccup in 2010 with Gerard Butler and Jonah Hill
He played Dave in 2010 with Nicolas Cage and Alfred Molina
He played Victor in 2010 with Scott Speedman and Gary Farmer
He played Pat in 2011 with Seann William Scott and Alison Pill
He played Shiner in 2012 with Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti
He played himself in 2013 with James Franco and Jonah Hill
He played Francie Tobin in 2013 with Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon
He played Tom Pope in 2014 with Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman
He voiced Hiccup in 2014 with Cate Blanchett and Gerard Butler

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