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She played the Advert Women in 1967 with Michael Gothard
She played Hermia in 1968 with Clive Swift
She played Cora Ryan in 1969 with James Mason
She starred in this 1970 thriller with Barbara Bouchet
She played Gosh Boyle in 1972 with Peter Vaughan
She starred as the titled character in 1972 with Donal McCann
In 1973 she starred as Patricia with Malcolm McDowell
She played Ophelia in this Shakespearian film
She played Caesonia in 1979 with Peter O'Toole
She played Joanne in 1979 with John Woodvine
She played Beaty Simons in 1980 with John Shea
She played Alice Rage in 1980 with Peter Sellers and John Le Mesurier
She played Victoria in 1980 with Bob Hoskins
She played Morgana in 1981 with Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart
She played Marcella in 1984 with John Lynch
She played Tanya Kirbuk in 1984 with Roy Scheider
She played Galina Ivanova in 1985 with Gregory Hines
She played Ruth Chancellor in 1986 with Tom Conti
She played Mother Fox in 1986 along side Harrison Ford
She played Lydia Neuman in 1988 along side Ben Kingsley and Charles Dance
She played Clemmie Jenkins in 1989 along side Paul Scofield
She played Georgina in 1989 along side Michael Gambon
She played Caroline in 1990 along side Christopher Walken and Rupert Everett
She played Frances Penny Bethune in 1990 along side Donald Sutherland
She played Lilia Herriton in 1991 along side Helena Bonham Carter
She played Annie Marsh in 1993 along side David Harewood
She played Geruth in 1994 with Christian Bale
She played Queen Charlotte in 1994 with Nigel Hawthorne
She voiced the titled character in the 1995 animation with Hugh Laurie
She played Kathleen Quigley in the 1996 film based on the story of the 1981 hunger strike in a British prison
She played Stella in the 1997 comedy drama with Jeffrey Wright
She voiced the Queen in 1998 with Val Kilmer Michelle Pfieffer and Sandra Bullock
She played Mrs Tingle in 1999 with Katie Holmes
She played Georgina Woodhouse in 2000 with Clive Owen and Warren Clarke
She played the Doctor in 2001 with Jack Nicholson
She played The Boss in 2001 with Robert John Burke
She played the Distinguished Woman with John Goodman in 2001
She played Amy in 2001 with Michael Caine and Ray Winstone
She played Mrs Wlison in 2001 with Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon
She played Chris in 2003 with Julie Walters
She played Eileen Hayes in 2004 with Robert Redford
She played Dominique in 2004 with Kate Hudson and Joan Cusack
In 2005 she voiced the Deep Thought with Martin Freeman and John Malkovich
She played Rose in 2005 with Cuba Gooding jr.
She played the titled character in 2006
She played Emily Appleton in 2007 with Nicholas Cage
She played Elinor in 2008 with Brendan Fraser
She played Cameron Lynne in 2009 with Russell Crowe
She played Sofya in 2009 with Jams McAvoy
She played Grace Bontempo in 2010 with Joe Pesci
She played Rachel Singer in 2010 with Tom Wilkinson
She played Prospera in 2010 with Russell Brand and Felicity Jones
She played Ida in 2010 with John Hurt and Andy Serkis
She voiced Nyra in the 2010 animation with Sam Neill and Geoffrey Rush
She played Victoria in 2010 with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman
She played Hobson in 2011 with Russell Brand
She played Emerenc in 2012 with Martina Gedeck
She played Alma Reville in 2012 with Anthony Hopkins
She voiced Dean Hardscrabble in 2013 with Billy Crystal and John Goodman
She returned to play Victoria in 2013 with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich

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