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She played Isolda in 2003 with Alex Kingston
She played Tamsin in 2004 with Natalie Press
She played Mara in 2006 with Susan Sarandon
She played Emily in 2006 with Meryl Streep
She played the Girl in the 2007 horror
She played Prudie in 2007 with Kathy Baker
She played Ruthie Draper in 2007 with Steve Carell
She played Jane Liddle in 2007 with Tom Hanks
She played Valerie Brennan in 2008 with John Malkovich
She played Nora in 2008 with Amy Adams
She played Queen Victoria in 2009
She played Rose in 2009 with Bill Nighy
She played Gwen Conliffein 2010 with Anthony Hopkins
She played Princess Mary in 2010 with Jack Black
She voiced Juliet in 2011 with James McAvoy
She played Elise Sellas in 2011 with Matt Damon
She played Harriet in 2011 with Ewan McGregor
She played Iris in this 2011 comedy drama
She played Miss Piggy's Receptionist in 2011
She played Violet Barnes in 2012 with Jason Segel
She played Sara in 2012 with Bruce Willis
She played Mike in 2012 with Colin Firth
She played Nahoko Satomi in 2013 with Joesph Gordon Levitt and Jennifer Grey
She played Rita in 2014 with Tom Cruise and Brendan Gleeson
She played the Bakers Wife in 2014 with Meryl Streep and James Corden
She played Kate Macer in 2015 with Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro

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