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He played Bernard in 2005 with Samantha Mumba and David Leon
He played Trampis in 2006 with Brendan Gleeson and Liam Carney
He played Anthony Armstrong in 2009 with Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen
He played Clifford in 2009 with Gabriel Byrne and Jim Broadbent
He played Rodney in 2010 with Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield
He played Donal in 2010 with Owen Roe and Kelly Campbell
He played Bill Weasley in 2010 with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson
He played Moon in 2010 with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon
He played Bill Weasley in 2011 with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson
He played Connor in 2012 with Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough
He played Clan Techie in 2012 with Karl Urban and Lena Headey
He played Levin in 2012 with Keira Knightley and Jude Law
He played Tim in 2013 with Rachel Adams and Bill Nighy
He played Jon in 2014 with Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal
He played Freddie Joyce in 2014 with Brendan Gleeson and Chris O' Dowd
He played Phil in 2014 with Jack O'Connell and Miyavi
He played Caleb in 2015 with Alicia Vikander and Oscar Issac
He played Jim Farrell in 2015 with Saoirse Ronan and Julie Walters
He played General Hux in 2015 with Harrison Ford and Daisy Ridley
He played Captain Andrew Henry in 2015 with Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy

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