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He played Ensign Covey in 1997 with Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins
He played Rix in 1999 with Alec Newman and Steve John Shepherd
He played Nicky Burkett with Thandie Newton and James Bolam
He played Soweto in 2001 with Paulette P Williams
He played Okwe in 2002 with Audrey Tautou
He played Mark Haywood in 2003 with Emilia Fox and Sara Stewart
He played Peter in 2003 with Bill Nighy and Martin Freeman
He played Frank Wills in 2004 with Anthony Mackie
He played Alex Mpondo in 2004 with Hilary Swank
He played Ellis Moonsong in 2004 with Will Ferrell and Johnny Lee Miller
He played Victor Sweet in 2005 with Mark Wahlberg and Andre Benjamin
He played The Operative in 2005 with Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres
He played Ty Trippin in 2005 with LL Cool J and Ray Liotta
He played Lola in 2005 with Nick Frost and Linda Bassett
He played Detective Bill Mitchell in 2006 with Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster
He played Luke in 2006 with Clive Owen and Michael Caine
He played Dewey Hughes with Don Cheadle and Mike Epps
He played Huey Lucas in 2007 with Josh Brolin and Russell Crowe
He played Mike Perry in 2008 with Matt Cable and Alice Braga
He played Thabo Mbeki in 2009 with Johnny Lee Miller and William Hurt
He played Adrian Helmsley in 2009 with John Cusack and Amanda Peet
He played Peabody in 2010 with Angelina Jolie
He played Christmas Moultrie in 2013 with Jaimie Alexander
He played Solomon Northrup in 2013 with Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch
He played Odenigbo in 2013 with Thandie Newton and John Boyega

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