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Can you name the baseball firsts by a black player?

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1st Black Pitcher 1947
1st Black Player to Homer in 1st AB1947
1st Black Catcher1948
1st Black Pitcher in American League1948
1st Black Player in the Amerian League1947
1st Black Player Named Team Captain1964
1st Black Major League Coach1962
1st Black Major League Upmire1966
1st Black Manager1975
1st Black General Manager 1977
1st Black Pitcher to Throw a No-Hitter1955
1st Black Triple Crown Winner1966
1st Black Player to Lead a League in Steals 1947
1st Black Player to Lead a League in Batting Average1949
1st Black Pitcher to Lead a League in Strikeouts1951
1st Black Player to Lead a League in RBIs1951
1st Black '20 Game Winner' (Pitcher)1951
1st Black Player to Lead League in HRs1952
1st Black Pitcher to Lead League in Wins1956
1st Black Rookie of the Year (Either League)1947
1st Black MVP (Either League)1949
1st Black Pitcher to Win Rookie of the Year (Either League)1948
1st Black Cy Young Winner (Either League)1956
1st Black Player to Win Cosecutive MVPs (Either League)1958 & 1959
1st Black Player to Homer in World Series1948
1st Black Pitcher to Appear in a World Series Game1948
1st Black Pitcher to Record a Win in the World Series1952
1st Black Manager to Win a World Series1992
1st Team to Start a Majority Black Lineup1954
1st Team to Start an All Black Lineup1971

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