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Can you name the Name the Transformers Prime characters by their first line?

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''7 wrecks, 34 fender benders, a 3 hour traffic jam, and a particular note numerous reports of a speeding motorcycle of unknown make, and a black and yellow custom muscle car.''
''What's left of it.''
''That will do.''
''Gentlemen, stop their engines.''
''Jack? . . . Can you? Jackson Darby we've talked about this!''
''Piece of advive, make yourself comfortable, you're going to be here a while.''
''Are you talking to your motorcycle?''
''But even dumber than he looks.''
''Understood. Ratchet, do you have Cliffjumper's coordinates?'
''Decepticons! I have returned.''
''Another parking ticket?''
''There is no greater ferocity than an insecticon hive, but if you were to choose one among us, . . .''
'Hey, cherry moped.'
''Who would speak to me?''
''Soldier, we may not be on Cybertron, but military protocol remains.''
''So there I am on the lookout when out of now where these high beams light up my rearview, then it hits me, I'm illeagly parked!'
''Down in front!''
''Megatron! You took my voice, you will never rob anyone of any thing ever again!''
''The energon, it's worthless to me now.''
''It was a long drive Starscream, I'm still picking bugs out of my grille.''
''I wish that I could meet you under better circumstances, Optimus Prime.''
''I invented the cortical psychic patch, I am familiar with its idiosyncrasies.''
''Welcome to K.O. drive in where every patty's a knock out, may I take your order?''
''Arcee, you lost again? Your sense of direction could use some improvement.''
''Stike me again, and I will bury that rod in your spark.''
''I'm locked on his signal, Otimus. But our team is scattered across timezones.''
''Hi Mama, racing, right at the street, okay just five more minutes?''
''I've had warmer welcomes from Decepticon combat brigades.''
''[Name] serves only one master.''
''[Name] superior, autobots inferior.''
''Coolest bike ever.''

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