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Can you name the Roman Emperors and US Presidents?

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HintPersonExtra Column
1st EmperorNone
Grand Nephew of Caesar^Same as above^
Son of AugustusNone
Expanded Empire to collect seashellsNone
First Emperor to be born out of RomeNone
Reign Started and Ended ViolentlyNone
Construction of Colloseum started during this man's ruleNone
Construction of Colloseum finished during this man's ruleNone
13th EmperorNone
Adopted son of TrajanNone
Moved capital of Rome and named it after himselfNone
1st PresidentNone
Only President not to have a party (ever)^Same as above^
Only Federalist PresidentNone
3rd PresidentNone
5th PresidentNone
HintPersonExtra Column
6th PresidentNone
1st Fully-Democratic PresidentNone
1st Whig PresidentNone
16th PresidentNone
1st Fully-Republican President^Same as above^
18th PresidentNone
19th PresidentNone
20th PresidentNone
Was President twice, but with a different man between the termsNone
26th PresidentNone
32nd PresidentNone
35th PresidentNone
43rd PresidentNone
Current US PresidentNone
BONUS: 1st President to live in the White HouseBONUS (Full Name)

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