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Scientific NameDog/Wolf/FoxNative Range
Atelocynus microtisAmazon Basin
Canis adustusCentral & Southern Africa
Canis aureusEastern Africa & Southern Europe
Canis latransNorth America
Canis lupusWorldwide
Canis mesomelasSouthern & Eastern Africa
Canis simensisEthoipia
Canis rufusSoutheastern United States
Cerdocyon thousCentral South America
Chrysocyon brachyurusBrazil (larger)
Cuon alpinus Southeast Asia
Dusicyon australis*Falklands Islands
Lycalopex culpaeusWestern South America
Lycalopex fulvipesChile
Lycalopex griseusArgentina & Chile
Lycalopex gymnocercusEast Central South America
Lycalopex sechuraePeru & Ecaudor
Lycalopex vetulusBrazil (smaller)
Scientific NameDog/Wolf/FoxNative Range
Lycaon pictus Sub-sahara Africa (dog)
Nyctereutes procyonoidesEast Asia
Otocyon megalotisSub-sahara Africa (fox)
Speothos venaticusNorthern South America
Vulpes bengalensisIndia, Pakistan & Bangladesh
Vulpes canaMiddle East
Vulpes chamaSouthern Africa
Vulpes corsacCentral Asia
Vulpes ferrilataTibet
Vulpes lagopus Arctic
Vulpes macrotisSouthwest United States & Mexico
Vulpes pallidaCentral Sahara Africa
Vulpes rueppelliiSahara Africa & Middle East
Vulpes veloxCentral United States & Canada
Vulpes vulpesWorldwide (exculding South America & Antarctica)
Vulpes zerdaSahara Africa
Urocyon cinereoargenteusNorth America & Northern South America
Urocyon littoralisChannel Islands

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