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Can you name the countries where these dinosaurs are only know to be native to?

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DinosaurCountryContinent; Name Meaning/Origin
AfrovenatorAfrica; African Hunter
AlamosaurusNorth America; Alamo
AndesaurusSouth America; Lizard of the Andes
CamelotiaEurope; Camelot
CryolophosaurusAntarctica; Frozen Crested Lizard
DraconyxEurope; Dragon Claw
ElaphrosaurusAfrica; Lightweight Lizard
HanssuesiaNorth America;
HeterodontosuaursAfrica; Differently-toothed Lizard
FukuiraptorAsia; Plunder from Fukui
IrritatorSouth America; Irritator
IsanosaurusAsia; Lizard of Isan
Lesothosaurus Africa; Lizard from Lesotho
LilensternusEurope; Ruhle Von Lilienstern
MicroraptorAsia; Small Plunderer
MuttaburrasaurusOceania; Lizard from Muttaburra Station
OlorotitanAsia; Giant Swan
PachycephalosaurusNorth America; Thick-headed
ParalitianAfrica; Giant of the Beaches
PoekilopleuronEurope; Varying Side
ProtoceratopsAsia; First Horned Face
RiojasaurusSouth America; Province of La Rioja
TsagantegiaAsia; From Tsagen Teg
TuranoceratopsAsia; Turanian Horned Head
UnenlagiaSouth America; Half Bird
VulcanodonAfrica; Volcano Tooth
XiaosaurusAsia; Small Lizard
ZuniceratopsNorth America; Horned Face of the Zuni Tribe

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