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Can you name the countries/states/territores where presidential nominee THAT DID NOT WIN any elections were born ?

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1789-James Armstrong
1789-Robert H. Harrison
1789-John Rutledge
1789-John Milton
1789-Samuel Huntington
1789-Benjamin Lincoln
1789-Edward Telfair
1789, 1796, 1800-John Jay
1792, 1796, 1800-Aaron Burr
1796, 1800, 1804, 1808-Charles Pinckney
1796-Samuel Adams
1796-James Iredell
1796-Oliver Ellsworth
1796-John Henry
1796-Samuel Johnston
1808-George Clinton
1812-DeWitt Clinton
1816-Rufus King
1824-William H. Crawford
1824, 1832, 1844-Henry Clay
1832-William Wirt
1832-John Floyd
1836-Hugh Lawson White
1836-Daniel Webster
1836-Willie Mangum
1848-Lewis Cass
1852-Winfield Scott
1856-John C. Frémont
1860-John C. Breckinridge
1860-John Bell
1860-Stephen A. Douglas
1864-George McClellan
1868-Horatio Seymour
1872-Horace Greeley
1872-Thomas A. Hendricks
1872-Benjamin Gratz Brown
1872-Charles J. Jenkins
1872-David Davis
1876-Samuel J. Tilden
1880-Winfield Hancock
1884-James Blaine
1892-James Weaver
1896, 1900, 1908-William Bryan
1904-Alton Parker
1916-Charles Hughes
1920-James Cox
1924-John W. Davis
1924-Robert La Follette
1928-Al Smith
1936-Alf Landon
1940-Wendell Willkie
1944, 1948-Thomas E. Dewey
1948-Strom Thurmond
1952, 1956-Adlai Stevenson
1956- Walter Jones
1960-Harry F. Byrd
1964-Barry Goldwater
1968-Hubert Humphrey
1968-George Wallace
1972-George McGovern
1972-John G. Hospers
1984-Walter Mondale
1988-Michael Dukakis
1988-Lloyd Bentsen
1996-Bob Dole
2000-Al Gore
2004-John Kerry
2004-John Edwards
2008-John McCain
2012-Mitt Romney

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