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QUIZ: Can you name the last words said by movie characters .

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'Hit it.'Thelma & Louise
'But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.'2001: A Space Odysee
'Live long and prosper.'Star Trek II
'I am invincible!'GoldenEye
'I wanna go home.'Forrest Gump
'Not for an old crook like me.'Shawshank Redemption
'Are they gonna hurt us, Walter?'Big Lebowski
'Why don't you go **** yourself, Tommy?'Goodfellas
'An old man dies, a young woman lives. Fair trade. I love you, Nancy.'Sin City
'The horror...the horror... 'Apocalypse Now
'Don't call me Buster!'Needful Things
'You don't need proof when you got instinct. I ignored it before but no more.'Reservoir Dogs

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