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Clue 1AnswerClue 2
Most likely to teach the rest of the crew bridgeWiantinaug
Sourced from Smoothwater Lake6th Major Body of Water
Most likely to defy gravity with flowWiantinaug
Most likely to be decapitated by a low hanging branckWiantinaug
Means 'Deep Water by the Shore' in Ojibwa5th Major Body of Water
Vermont/New York Border2nd Major Body of Water
5th Boat NameGo Vote at www.expedition2012blog.com!!!!!!!
Important in Fur Trading Route for the Hudson's Bay Company8th Major Body of Water
Boat Name from Twas' Friday MornPots and Pans
Boat Name from Dunmore DunmoreDon't think us Amiss
Boat Name from Goodbye AbitibiWaboos Blanket
Destination CityThe Gateway to the Arctic
Boat Name from Forward KeewaydinHe Will Ever Guard Thee
Clue 1AnswerClue 2
Most likely to win Expedition 2012 an Academy AwardAnnwi
Means 'Deep Waters' in Algonquin4th Major Body of Water
Named for the Duke of York of Albany7th Major Body of Water
Departure Body of Water1st Major Body of Water
Most likely to eat a meal out of his own beardMoose
Ontario/Quebec Border3rd Major Body of Water
Most likely to not know what is happeningWiantinaug
Most likely to look like a pirate by the end of the tripMoose
Most likely to quit his job and actually work at campMoose
Most likely to portage the rest of the crewWiantinaug
Most likely to hit the table during a hearts gameWiantinaug
Destination Body of WaterFinal Major Body of Water

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