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QUIZ: Can you name whether it was Harry (H) or Lloyd (L) who did these dumb things in Dumb and Dumber?

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Dumb MomentDumber Person
Gave the dogs he was delivering hotdogs thus getting them dirty before they were delivered.
Drove almost a sixth of the way in the wrong direction across the country.
Fell out of a jet bridge trying to get to a plane.
Found his pet parakeet Petey without a head and believes it fell off due to old age.
Told Mary that he desperately wants to make love to a school boy.
Talked about how he got broken up with by his girlfriend because he doesn't listen enough or something like that. He doesn't know. He wasn't really paying attention.
Threw a salt shaker over his shoulder hitting a trucker named Seabass.
Believed that Mary's last name was Samsonite from reading it on her suitcase.
Got his tongue stuck to a ski lift.
Tried to hit on an Austrian woman by speaking to her with an Australian accent.
Thought that the police officer telling him to 'pull over' was talking about his sweater.
Lit his leg on fire trying to pump gas.
Gave bikini supermodels incorrect directions to a town where they could meet men who would like to travel with them.
Tried performing CPR by pumping a man's legs.
Ate hot peppers on a dare
Constantly tried to use breath spray only to always spray it off to the side instead of into his mouth.
Gave bikini supermodels correct directions to a town where they could meet men who would like to travel with them.

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