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Can you name the different terms used for a long-roll sandwich based on location?

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LocationTerm UsedDerivation
Boston, MassachusettsFrom the Italian term 'spuccadella,' which is a type of pointy roll
Buffalo, New YorkNot because it looks like a bomb, but for the planes that hold them
Chicago, IllinoisImmigrants from one of Chicago's most populated ethnic group would use the tougher slices of beef from the stock yards to make it
Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamFrom the Vietnamese words 'mi' meaning flour or wheat and 'banh' meaning biscuit or cake
Hoboken, New JerseyA combination of the word for the airship the sandwich resembles, and the ending from another commonly-used term for it
Madison, WisconsinServed first at Paisan's pizza. The owners were big fans of Giuseppe Garibaldi
Milford, ConnecticutIt's debatable, but one prominent theory has the term originating from a Naval base in nearby New London
Montreal, Quebec, CanadaFrench for 'submarine'
New Bedford, MassachusettsNamed for the men who worked at New Bedford ship yards, 'ground' hot iron pegs used in the construction of war ships, and who ate a lot of these sandwiches
New Orleans, LouisianaOne theory is that it was the word used to describe poor New Orleans streetcar drivers during a 1920's strike
New York, New YorkFrom the size of the sandwich, and what you'd need to be to finish it
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaOften debated, but probably invented by shipyard workers on Hog Island in Philadelphia
San Juan, Puerto RicoSpanish version of the New Orleans version. Not a 'pobre' choice of names
Yonkers, New YorkA bastardization of the 'wich' part of 'sandwich,' as uttered by the matriarch of Landi’s grocery store

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