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Its your old friend __________ If i were you i'd take a deep breath. And hold it.2 words (GLaDOS)
You know i found a way to eradicate poverty, ____________.5 words (GLaDOS)
You need to be a ____________ to press that button3 words (GLaDOS)
No one tried to murder me, or put me in a potato. Or ___________.4 words (GLaDOS)
Oh look! There's a _________ .You probably can't see it. Get closer.1 word (GLaDOS)
Did you know human's frown on ___________?2 words (GLaDOS)
You can't test plants. They just sit there, never showing ____________. That isn't science.3 words(GLaDOS)
Look at you, sailing through the air majestically, like an eagle, _____________.3 words (GLaDOS)
So, how are you holding up? _______________.4 words (GLaDOS)
...and they said no one would ever die in this test. _____________5 words (GLaDOS)
If you are going to hit each other at least ___________.4 words (GLaDOS)
I'm building the ____________ for you.3 words (GLaDOS)!!!1 word (GLaDOS)
QuoteMissing# of words
...said i could't fire a man just for being in a wheelchair. ___________6 words (Cave Johnson)
Let us know if you feel a shortness of breath, persistent dry cough, ______________4 words (Cave Johnson)
Space! Space! Wanna ___________!?3 Words (Personality Core)
Orbit, space orbit, ____________.3 words (Personality Core)
Hmmm hmm hmmmmmmm, space, ___________!!!1 word (Personality Core)
Before the invention of eggs in 1912, the typical breakfast was either whole eggs (Still in the shell) or _____________.2 words (Personality Core)
If you had underwear...and a butt...___________.8 words (Personality Core)
Say one useful thing, one thing, ____________.3 words (Personality Core)
D*** It we KNOW! EVERYBODY KNOWS! __________. We GET IT!4 words (Personality Core)
Holmes VS. Moriarty, Aristotle VS. _____________!!! 3 words (Wheatley)
Awww....bless your ___________.3 words (Wheatley)
___________! I was uh, quoting God there.4 words (Wheatley)

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