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Can you find the missing word that makes the magic complete?

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MagicMissing WordEffect

Finite __________!
The end of (current) magic.

Point __!
Shows the direction of North.

Meteolojinx _______!
Stops magical rain.

_________ Locomotor!
Turns statues and armour into defenders.

_____ Broomstick!
Brings your broomstick to you, if out of reach.

Side-Along __________
Legal instant movement for a not yet licensed person.

__________ Leviosa!
Makes object fly.

Unbreakable ___
You better keep this kind of promise!!!

__________ Totalus!
Will cause your victim to go stiff all over.

_______ Muggletum!
Keeps Muggles away from any thus protected area.

_____-legs Jinx
Causes your victim's legs to wobble uncontrollably.

Salvio _____!
Protective spell used at camp sites in Deathly Hallows.

Homenum _______!
Will show if people hide nearby.

Peskipiksi _________!
Supposedly helps against cornish pixies?

_______ Patronum!
Conjures a Patronus

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