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QUIZ: Can you answer the Harry Potter trivia and figure out the common theme hidden in all answers? (See How to Play)

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HP Trivia Questions:

What hides a Dementors face?

What is the last word of the title
of the sixth HP book?

What is the shortest word
that more than half of the titles
of the HP books have in common?

Mundungus Fletcher and Willy
Widdershins are both what,
'occupation' wise?

Which Hall does the Sorting
take place in every year at Hogwarts?

What occupation links Dan Radcliffe,
Emma Watson and Rupert Grint to
Harry Potter ?

What occupation links Chris Columbus,
Mike Newell and David Yates to
Harry Potter ?

What is the second chapter title
in Deathly Hallows called?

How long will an everlasting
icicle last?


The connecting theme is:

~~~ Type HINT F ~~~

~~~ Type HINT W ~~~

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