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Forced Order
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W-Wait! It's true that the council isn't exactly fond of Fairy Tail, but they shouldn't be compared with Zeref and Grimoire!
Oh, you underestimate me. Besides, you ought worry about yourself first. A spirit who remains for seven days straight. I wonder how she'll look afterwards?
The fact that I'm standing here now means I'm also prepared to fight on behalf of my Guild. I don't need your pity.
Let us stop Brain and the others in the name of love!
I'm fine being trash! But I won't let you call my allies trash! As a man, I won't allow it!
It's for our comrades. For seven years... Always... They were waiting for us...
I never rely on luck. It's all my own choice. It leads me to the future.
I love flowers. They look so good... on me.
Sometimes, the courage to leave a comrade is necessary!
I don't care if you're the strongest or the top guild in Fiore, but I will tell you this. You've made enemies of the worst possible guild to piss off.
Victory shall be mine... At any and all costs.
Manipulating the pieces according to your strategy... That is what defines a King.
Even though it's a human, I can't just ignore a wounded creature.
When I'm around you, I simply can't allow you to see me looking uncool...
I will pull out my sword to protect this country.
You raised me... that can't be changed... I'll forgive you! Please don't leave me alone! I love you! I want to live with you!
To receive our new powers, each of us lost something irreplaceable! What you, slags, don't have is the determination to lose something important!
You're just running away ... I'm moving forward. In a confrontation the person who wants to help their friends is... stronger than the person who escapes.
In order to achieve something, you have to pay a high cost. You two are lacking. Lacking in readiness to lose something!
Who cares if you're weak!! If we band together, we can do anything!! This country will not crumble!! After all, it's my home country. It will never disappear!!
It doesn't matter if I don't become an S-Class Mage anymore and it doesn't matter if I can't tell my father how I feel. I don't care about any of that.
All living things eventually die; it's unavoidable. But as long as you remember, it will live on in your heart forever.
I want to believe in a sacred light that encompasses the rage and sadness... A sacred light that guides all things.
What kind of rightful cause makes people sad and suffer?! In Edolas, we saw a lot of people suffering and Exceeds going through hardships!
I won't let you mess with our freedom!
Bring it, all of you at once. Master's enemies are my enemies after all.
For the sake of eternal magic I cannot lose!
I'm no longer that piece of iron junk you once knew! I don't know if I'm living with meaning like you wanted me to... but... there are people before me I want to protect!
Do you understand the sorrow of a star that cannot return to the heavens?
Never lay a finger on Fairy Tail again. The next time you do, I...everyone in the guild will consider you as our enemy!
I don't care where I get hurt, as long as my injuries are visible.
That's right! As long as he's here, I'll be alright! Should I become stained with evil, the light would surely kill me.
We need to unite. The exam split us apart and we prioritized ourselves over our allies. But we can't stay like that now. The enemy is a great one!
You've committed the crime of hurting our comrades. The rules don't apply to you.
From other people's point of view, I look like a monster. I'm a stupid woman who imagines she can create a happy life by piling up her sins.
Whenever I'm around people... misfortune is sure to follow.
The chains that once bound us are no more!
Your freedom is still but a lie. And so it will stay, as long as you remain taken by darkness!
...I almost fell into darkness, but the bonds you have with your spirits wrapped me with light.
Although we may defeat our enemies, the Mages of Fairy Tail would never take their lives!

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