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A Titan Shifter who has vowed to kill all Titans
At the top of her class, she will stop at nothing to protect her brother
Graduated outside the top ten, he doesn't have a lot of confidence, but he can be surprisingly manipulative
Ranked 8th, he discovers that his mother may be the key to solving the mystery of the Titans
Ranked 9th, she is incredibly good at using the 3DMG in unconventional ways
Ranked 6th, he is an incredible leader who always speaks his mind
Ranked 7th, he is kind and always there for his friends, but is ultimately killed to cover up the identity of the Sawney and Bean's killer
Ranked 10th, she at first appears to be a sweetheart, but it is eventually revealed that this is a facade - she is also the heir to the throne
A Titan Shifter in love with Historia, she is extremely fast in Titan form and extremely abrasive in human form
Ranked 2nd, his guilt for his past actions as a Titan Shifter and his genuine care for his companions caused him to develop a form of Dissociative Identity Disorder
Ranked 3rd, he initially seems to be withdrawn and self-conscious, but is revealed to be ruthless in accomplishing his mission - he is a Titan Shifter, but a good person
Ranked 4th, she has a bitter rivalry with Mikasa and a helluva lot of daddy issues - she is a Titan Shifter who sees the whole world as her enemy
From the District of Trost, he is killed in action by a Titan during the invasion
Possibly Annie's only friend, she is killed in the Battle of Trost when a Titan grabs her zipline and eats her
When the Colossal Titan reappeared, he was knocked off the Wall, but rescued by Sasha
During the invasion, he is bitten in half
She desperately tries to save her boyfriend, even after he is clearly dead
He is the supreme commander of the army, and supports Erwin's plan to overthrow the monarchy
Tasked with scaring the pants off of new recruits, he seems to have known Eren's father - he also seems to enjoy yelling
He rescues Eren and Mikasa from the Smiling Titan, but is eaten by it later
The commander of the Garrison, he was modeled after General Akiyama Yoshifuru
The sole survivor of the 1st Division Elite Force, she acknowledges Eren as an ally, but still sees him as a threat
Commander of the Survey Corps, he is an extremely skilled strategist as well as a skilled soldier, taking down a Titan even after losing an arm
A scientist who studies Titans, this person's gender remains unknown, though they were depicted in the anime as female
He has a surprisingly sharp nose and a habit of sniffing people - the Beast Titan strips him of his gear and he is torn apart by Titans
Bearing a strong resemblance to Ymir, she runs into a Titan that confuses them and is killed - but not before learning that the Titan could talk
His duty is essentially to ensure that Hange doesn't get eaten
'A bit of a clean freak', he is humanity's strongest soldier, but was once a part of a band of thieves
His head was bitten off by the Female Titan, but he didn't piss his pants
Has a habit of biting his tongue, and imitating Levi, he was eventually punched and killed by the Female Titan
The only girl in her group, she has feelings for Levi and 58 Titan kills - she is kicked into a tree by the Female Titan
Commander of the Military Police, he was once good friends with Erwin until they fell in love with the same girl, Marie, whom he eventually married
A member of the Military Police, he ends up in a fist fight with Jean - Annie respects his idealism
Joining the Military Police in order to take advantage of the corruption, she is initially jealous of Annie but is still upset over her 'death' - she has a 9/10 in indifference
A member of the Military Police, he respects Annie and dislikes Hitch - he is aware of the corruption in the MP, but accepts it
Responsible for the death and torture of Pastor Nick, he is in turn tortured by Hange and Levi until he confesses that the Reiss family are the true royal family
After eating Frieda Reiss and obtaining the Coordinate, he intentionally fed himself to his son
She urges Hannes to save her son and adopted daughter from the Smiling Titan, who breaks her back and eats her
Originally named 'Berwick', he was a friend of Bertolt and Reiner, as well as a Titan Shifter - he was eaten by Ymir
The true king (and Historia's father), he sent his daughter to a refugee camp after her mother was murdered
A puppet ruler working for the true king, he is referred to as a 'senile old fool' - his first name is unknown
He initially advocated for Eren's execution, and was later tortured and killed
He first appeared blocking the escape route when the Titans breached Wall Rose, and later reappeared helping the Survey Corps before his murder
Son of the above, he joins the Survey Corps' plan to overthrow the monarchy after his father's death
A Titan Shifter and Historia's older sister, she initially had the Coordinate, but was killed before she learned to use it
The largest Titan EVER, it stands at about 60 meters, and is eventually revealed to be Bertolt
The Titan that killed Eren's mother and Hannes, it is eventually torn to shreds by a group of Titans under Eren's command
An athletic Titan with a fortified body, it destroyed the inner gate of Shiganshina, which allowed the Titans to breach Wall Maria - it is revealed to be Reiner
A 4 meter Titan that becomes lethargic without sunlight - it is killed by Annie
A 7 meter Titan that remains active in the sunlight - it is killed by Annie
The only Titan known to have female parts (read: a rack), she can harden parts of her body to crystal, and ruthlessly slaughters her opposition, she is revealed to be Annie
A 17 meter Titan possessing unheard of intelligence, it is covered in hair, active at night, and speaks fluently
It was discovered in Wall Sina and is about the size of the Colossal Titan
A Titan that kills other Titans, it is Eren's Titan form
Referred to Levi as her older brother, and is eventually crushed between two Titans
He tried to save Isabel, only to realize that his equipment was too damaged - as he is being eaten, he waves goodbye to Levi and mouths 'see you later'

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