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before it's covered with grass
hoed dirt
What you walk on normally
under 3 layers of dirt
what you get from mining stone
the first ore you want to find
you can mine it with a stone pick
if you walk in it you're on fire
what the ocean is made of
empty space (yes it is a block too)
How can i punch this ____ with my hand?
i made ______ out of my wood
it grows on trees
frozen water
the most useless ore in minecraft
omg ITS ________
why does it take 9 iron ingots to make?!
why does it take 9 gold ingots to make?!
why does it take 9 DIAMONDS to make?!
water going on top of lava makes...
that stuff to make mushroom stew
i have flowers with thorns
plain yellow flower
it shoots things
made out of 8 wood
you can smelt thing in it
its 2 blocks high!
2 blocks in lenghth but only half a block tall
half a block
yellow falling block
grey falling block
smelted sand
red stuff in the nether
my fav ore (starts with R)
You cant jump over this
I can push things now!
I can push AND pull things now!
You can't mine this rock
This block is UNDER bedrock (it's like air)
a block only found in the end
It can glow in the dark!
nether forts are made out of this
this is in a dungeon
this is also in a dungeon
this is fence found in the nether
it comes off of sheep
only found in the desert!
A block only found by or in water
four bricks put together
it can only grow by water
it can grow melons or pumpkins
you can make snow golems with theese
four snowballs put together
you can make glistening melons with theese
grows on farm land
this block blows up like a creeper
you can make wiring with this
made like a torch but with redstone
it glows but cant be underwater
it can slow redstone flowing
you can push this but it wont stay down
you can flip this and it will stay down
step on this and it activates
lightning creates

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