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Can you name each holiday or notable day from a rhymed couplet?

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Et tu? This day in ancient Rome
Made Caesar wish he'd stayed at home.
This epic day at Normandy
Was not as quick as ABC.
It's Puebla Day, yet (who'd have thunk?)
It's mostly gringos who get drunk.
The Catholics mark her festive day,
The first saint born in USA.
Canadians recall the Corps
Who seized the high ground in the war.
Nooruz sets Kyrgyz hearts alight
On this spring day of 'equal night.'
This day's for Leia, Luke, and kin—
But always let the Wookiee win.
This day ensures we won't forget
That HIV is still a threat.
This day recalls Gallipoli
And Aussie-Kiwi bravery.
This day's when Christian sects remind
Themselves of St. Helena's find.
St. Brigid knows a 'ewes-full' thing:
This Gaelic festival of spring.
Girl or grandma, aunt or bride,
This day salutes the distaff side.

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