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Gaelic festival coinciding with Halloween night
Burial vault, derived from the Greek for 'hidden'
Michael Jackson song with voice work by Vincent Price
Dorothy's highly flammable companion
UK island where Hop-tu-Naa is celebrated
Maize-inspired confection created by George Renninger
Arizona town known for the OK Corral
Jonathan Harker tries to give him legal advice
'Halloween on the Barbary ____' (Flaming Lips song)
Child-eating demon in the title of a Keats poem
Dumber, like Igor relative to Dr. Frankenstein
Pirate's or trick-or-treater's haul
Terrifying entity who waits underwater at R'lyeh
____ Romney, popular US Halloween mask of 2012
Gregory III was the first one to observe All Hallows' Eve
One with perfect hair drank a piƱa colada at Trader Vic's
Villainous owner of Mr. Bigglesworth
Mombi, Jadis, or Willow, e.g.
Cloak for a monk or the Grim Reaper, or its hood
1977 horror film about a killer whale
____ Motel, main setting of the film 'Psycho'
Franchise-starting 1996 horror film set in Woodsboro
Horace Walpole's Gothic novel 'The Castle of ____'
Bubbling pot that may contain eye of newt

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