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QUIZ: Can you figure out the answers to these TBBT questions?

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Raj's New Years Eve suckedA
Klingon weapon and prop stolen by Todd will not taste blood tonightB
Priya's law schoolC
Emily's occupation (not the deaf Emily, the newer one)D
Sheldon's memory is not photographic, it's...E
Popular American sport that Sheldon knows a lot about, surprisinglyF
Sheldon's Battle OstrichG
What the bosoms of Renaissance fair wenches sayH
Season 1 episode involving Sheldon's twin sister, titled 'The Porkchop...'I
The last name of Sheldon's lab assistant, AlexJ
Country from where Howard launched into spaceK
The Born-Again Boat-Ride's all-you-can-eat food service L
American astronaut who helped HowardM
State where Leonard grew up.N
A playing piece in Three-Person ChessO
Arthur Jeffries' stage nameP
What Sheldon originally thought Leonard's Pictionary drawing wasQ
One of the conversation topics Howard should avoid around Bernadette's fatherR
Leonard's surgery repaired his deviated...S
What Howard named the common field cricketT
After swallowing a Wolowitz spitball, Sheldon thinks this has an STDU
Drink Sheldon asks for when Penny is a bartenderV
According to Penny, this, a credit card, and late-night TV is a bad combinationW
Raj and Sheldon argue over the light-emiting properties of slow-moving...X
Mrs. Wolowitz occasionally uses words from this language to yell at her bubbelehY
One of Sheldon's catsZ

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