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Can you name the facts relating to Howard from The Big Bang Theory?

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What actor portrayed him?
What was his profession?
What was his favorite type of undershirt?
What type of pin did he always wear on his collar?
What was his personal mode of transportation?
Name one language, other than English, that he claimed to know.
Who gave him a black eye when he tried to kiss her?
What was the system he built for the International Space Station that had a structural weakness?
Who was his mother seeing right after he returned from space?
What did he get stuck in a ditch while trying to impress a girl?
What was his night elf hunter character's name in World of Warcraft?
What Star Wars memorabilia was above his bed?
How old was he when his father left?
Where did he lose his virginity?
Where did he earn his Masters degree?
Who did he mimic with his 'creepy computer voice'?
What was his instrument when the gang played Rock Band?
What was his costume for Penny's Halloween party?
What was his costume for the New Years party at the comic book store?
What was his astronaut nickname?

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