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Main city setting of 'Boardwalk Empire'A
One of the main kids from Phineas & FerbB
Primary setting for 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'C
Roseanne Conner's husband, or Dr. J.D. Dorian's brotherD
Elemental power of Kwame the Planeteer, or the subject of a 2006 documentary series narrated by Sigourney WeaverE
A blue musical instrument from 'How I Met Your Mother'F
Last name of a main character from 'Full House'G
First name of a 'Heroes' characterH
Home country of Hadji Singh and the KoothrappalisI
Museum that employs Temperance 'Bones' BrennanJ
One of the main 'South Park' kidsK
Series about the survivors of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815L
First name of Trans-Am driving crime fighter, or Point Place's (Wisconsin) handsome idiotM
A 'Real Housewives' locationN
A 'Simpsons' characterO
First name of a character from 'The Big Bang Theory'P
Series from 1976-1983 that paved the way for the modern forensic pathology showsQ
Main character from 'Friends'R
Protagonist family in 'True Blood'S
Noble family from 'Game of Thrones'T
Series starring Robert StackU
Element from Sheldon Cooper's song about the Periodic TableV
Secret Service facility near Univille, South DakotaW
Warrior princess portrayed by Lucy LawlessX
An 'Animaniac'Y
Protagonist in 'Saved by the Bell'Z

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