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Can you name the NBA Players' Shoe Sizes?

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Player NameShoe size
LeBron James
Al Horford
Deandre Jordan
Yao Ming
Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
Blake Griffin
Kevin Durant
Tracy McGrady
Anthony Davis
Andrew Wiggins
Michael Conley
Derrick Rose
Klay Thompson
Chris Bosh
Magic Johnson
John Wall
Kemba Walker
Reggie Jackson
Bill Russell
Draymond Green
Dwight Howard
James Harden
Dirk Nowitzki
Kristaps Porzingis
Tony Parker
Tim Duncan
Patrick Ewing
Rajon Rondo
Kyrie Irving
Player NameShoe size
Dwyane Wade
Kevin Garnett
Bradley Beal
Paul George
Vince Carter
Andre Drummond
Andre Iguadola
Paul Millsap
Manute Bol
Kevin Love
Michael Jordan
Isaiah Thomas
Jimmy Butler
Chris Paul
Eric Bledsoe
Larry Bird
Demarcus Cousins
DeMar Derozan
Carmelo Anthony
Kawhi Leonard
Stephen Curry
Nate Robinson
Isiah Thomas
Kobe Bryant
Kyle Lowry
Russell Westbrook
Karl-Anthony Towns
Jeff Teague

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