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Can you name the 6teen Characters?

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Main Character 1
Main Character 2
Main Character 3
Main Character 4
Main Character 5
Main Character 6
Number 5's Girlfriend
Number 5's Girlfriend New Name
Number 1's boss
Works at Technology Place
Works at Wonder Taco
Number 6's Spring Fling Date
Number 3's Old Best Friend
Number 3's Boyfriend with Ugly Baby
UnderGround Video Boss
Best Arcade Gamer
Number 6's Ex-Girlfriend
Number 1's sister
Guard of Mall
Girls' Favorite Band
Works at Tajmahome Video
Works at Tajmahome Video
Worked at Lemon after Number 3 Quit
Weird Stalker- Loves Number 2
Number 1's Boss' Son
Number 3's Boss
4th Clone
French Girl at Ice Cream Parlor
Thinks He's better skateboarder
A&F Workers in Front of Store
Bratty Kid with Toy Gun
Nikkis Boyfriend cheated on her and many others
Number 6's Guitar Playing Girlfriend
DoppleGanger of Number 2
The Mall Cop's assistant
Manager of BurgerMcflipsters
Owner of Arcade
Sold Underground to Taj Mahome Videos
Owner of Pharmacy
Owner of Sushi Place
Number 6's Ex Girlfriend's Boyfriend
New Baby
Brother of Number 2
Brother of Number 2
1 of number 3's ex best friends Back-ups
1 of number 3's ex best friends Back-ups

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