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Main character
Whose best friend is?
Who then marrys?
Her parents jobs are?
God father to Harry
Who has a house elf called?
Patriarch of Weasley family is?
Married to?
Has how many children?
Weasley that marries Harry
Youngest son of Harry and Ginny is called?
What house are the trio placed in?
Who was the founder of this house?
Who is the head of this house?
Headteacher of Hogwarts (1-6)?
Who gets disarmed by?
But later gets killed by?
He teaches? (1-5)
What is the game they play?
In which book do the Weasley twins have a joke shop
Who killed Lily and James Potter?
Which meant Harry had to live with which family?
Who tortured Neville's parents?
Was this the same person who killed Sirius Black?
Who pretended to be Alastor Moody in the 'Goblet of Fire'
Who plays Harry Potter?
Who plays Hermione Granger?
Who plays Ron Weasley?
Who plays Draco Malfoy?
Who plays Professor Trelawney

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