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Can you name the characters of Chuck (S1~S4: 58Q)?

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Forced Order
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Main Cast Character
Fixes computers and computer-related software 
The alias of the Hero 
The Giant Blonde Shemale 
Cover girlfriend's alias from 'Cougars' 
Sugar Bear 
'Just like a lady, she doesn't like it when I talk about her age' 'Yeah, she's shiny!' 
The Bearded One 
The Bearded One's spy codename 
Recieved a neurology fellowship 
Specializes in cardiothoracic medicine 
You mean like fishin' and danish? 
Store Manager was part of this R&B Band 
Missile Command World Champion 
The stalker mobile 
Created the Wheel of Misfortune 
The show's cover band 
Candidate for possible field work 
Director of National Intelligence 
Special Guest Character (1)
'Your old flame. My old nemesis' 
Joint director of the Intersect project 
'Aces, Charles' 
Some kind of Ring specialist 
Worked on project Isis 
National Clandestine Service director 
'The one remote that rules them all' 
Efficiency expert from corporate 
Nerd Herd service calls 
Sold the Nagamichi Plaza  
Coburn's daughter 
Coburn's fiancee 
Cold hearted DEA Agent 
'Your pastrami's delicious' 
Chuck's inlaw: Mr and Mrs Woodcomb 
Remember Thailand 
James Buchanan - Class of 98 
Quoted 'the angel of life' 
Sarah's Red Test  
Special Guest Character (2)
The 'bitch' member of the CAT squad 
Members of the A-Team 
Buymore Intersect candidates 
Ordered phase three to obtain the Intersect 
Name of the Awesomes' baby 
FULCRUM Character
'Ouch. Now my feelings are hurt' 
Has been blown up, shot, poisoned and hit by a car 
Codename: Sandstorm 
Time Magazine's Man of the Year 
Ring Character
'My employer demands a certain heart rate when I'm on the job' 
Worked with Doctors Without Borders 
'What do you want for him?' 
Minor Recurring Character
Awarded 65' plasma TV for being Employee of the Month 
'Your mother makes me feel good like a man should' 
Volkoff Industries Character
International weapons arms dealer 
Volkoff's succession plan 
Volkoff's lawyer 
Volkoff the MI6 Handler 
The true identity of Agent X 
Carries the Hydra database 

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