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QUIZ: Can you name the words that finish the descriptions of Tifa from FF7?

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The terrorist group she is part of
First limit break
Her childhood friend
5th limit break
She might use one of these to recover MP in FF7
Final limit break
Where she is looking for Cloud during her appearance in Kingdom Hearts II
The electronic board game she made an appearance in
The alien antagonist she helped fight against in FF7
A popular Disney game she made an appearance in
Her last name
6th limit break
Her parents were killed and town burned on the 1st of this month
Her strongest weapon in FF7
This happens to her strength when under Death Sentence and wearing the Powersoul
The color of her eyes
2nd limit break
The subject of this quiz!
The type of punch used in Dolphin Blow
The FF7 character she helps in Dirge of Cerberus
3rd limit break
The letter of the alphabet she severely dislikes!
The FF10 character she comes to help in Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy
Her martial arts master

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