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Ladder 1
Positive anticipation of something to come 
To deal with; to endure 
The earth and an apple have this in common 
Nebraska and Kansas are famous for this crop 
Delivered, as with a child 
To damage using flames 
To conceal in the ground 
Intense destructive rage 
Ladder 2
*The opposite of the final rung in Ladder 1* 
A baby cow 
50% of the total amount 
Famous spy during Revolutionary War Nathan 
Intense dislike 
Ladder 3
*The opposite of the final rung in Ladder 2* 
A small sheltered bay 
The place which one goes spelunking 
Dr. House needs one of these to walk 
Enemy in 'The Dark Knight Rises' 
Unit of measurement for hay or cotton 
Devoid of hair 
Fearless before danger; strong 
Ladder 4
*The opposite of the final rung in Ladder 3* 
Builds its life on old bread (US ppelling) 
To shed an outer covering, such as a shell 
Greatest in quantity 
Absolutely required; necessary 
One of the Deadly Sins, meaning intense longing 

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