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City world of the old republicEasy
This planet was invaded by the trade federationEasy
This planet was blown to smithereensEasy
Han Solo grew up hereEasy
This desert planet is controlled by the huttsEasy
One of the original rebel bases was in a temple on this planetEasy
Swamp planet where Luke becomes a jediEasy
Lando's gas mining colony is on this planetEasy
The forest moon of...Easy
Arctic planet where wampas liveEasy
The famous volcanic planetEasy
This planet has massive sink holesEasy
Wookies are from this planetEasy
Rey and Finn met on this planetEasy
The birthplace of the grand army of the republicEasy
A massive and impractical version of the death starEasy
The ancient world of the sithEasy
Princess Leia said the rebel base was on this planetMedium
Aayla Secura died hereMedium
A civil war between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren took place hereMedium
Homeworld of the PantoransMedium
Din Djarin met Ahsoka Tano on this planetMedium
The Razor Crest was blown up on this planetMedium
A volcanic planet home to the bounty hunter's guildMedium
Once a war mongering planet, turned pacifists. Some very iconic armour is from this planetMedium
The birth place of Darth MaulMedium
Homeworld of the Twi'leksMedium
The seperatist's droid factories were on this planetMedium
There are casinos on this planetMedium
This planet is saltyMedium
Ahsoka helped saw gerrera on this planetMedium
Trandoshans are from this planetMedium
A Cerean jedi master was executed hereHard
Homeworld of sebulba's speciesHard
Savage Opress killed the king of this planetHard
The main world of the HuttsHard
This planet is the base of operations for the trade federationHard
This planet is known for their slave labour industryHard
A certain green bounty hunter is from this planetHard
The empire stole kyber crystals from this planetHard
Luke was hiding like a baby on this tedious planetHard
General Krell betrayed his troops on this planetHard
The Bendu was killed on this planetHard
Cal Kestis hid on this planet after order 66Hard
Death star plans were stolen from this planetHard
Count Dooku was the ruler of this planetHard
Spice mines! Yikes!Hard
c3po translated the sith language on this planetHard
Ezra Bridger is from this planetHard
Hondo Ohnaka's main headquarters is on this planetHard
Ahsoka fought Darth Vader hereHard
Tobias Beckett was killed on this planetHard
Adi Gallia's cousin perished on this planetVery hard
Mace windu was born hereVery Hard
Snowy Planet that was originally inhabited by the Talz Very Hard
Captain Rex met Clone Force 99 on this planetVery Hard
This planet is the main base of operations for the Intergalactic Banking ClanVery Hard
A moon of this planet was heroically saved by clone trooper HeavyVery Hard
A pointy headed jedi master is from this planetVery Hard
Cal Kestis went to this planet to find a jedi holocronVery Hard
Homeworld of the zabrak speciesVery Hard
Zeb Orrelios was from this planetVery Hard
There are angels on the moons of this planetVery Hard
Maz Kanata had a diner on this planetVery Hard
3 clone troopers who disobeyed order 66 lived on this planet after the clone warVery Hard
Galen Erso died on this planetVery Hard
The beginning of the clone wars movie took place hereVery Hard
Chewbacca was captured by the first order on this planetVery Hard
Yoda travelled to this planet to discover the secret to eternal consciousnessVery Hard
Dexter Jettster spent some time prospecting on this planetVery Hard
Jabba's son was being held prisoner on this planetVery Hard
Aurra Sing was born on this planetExtreme
This planet is controlled by the Techno UnionExtreme
Jyn Erso was rescued by the rebels on this planetExtreme
Plo Koon's species is from this planetExtreme
Galen Erso's wife died on this planetExtreme
Darth Maul lived on this garbage planet after being cut in halfExtreme
The planet of the New Republic which was blown upExtreme
This planet is swarming with gundarks after nightfallExtreme
Jango Fett's home planetExtreme
Savage Opress captured a temple on this planetExtreme
Even Piell's HomeworldExtreme
Homeworld of the Pyke SpeciesExtreme
Icy planet controlled by the commerce guild and the Intergalactic Banking ClanExtreme
A lush green planet where the acklay is fromExtreme
Home of the most fortified separatist prisonExtreme
Jango Fett was recruited by Tyranus on one of the moons of this planetExtreme
Master Vos moved his troops to this planet during the outer rim siegesExtreme

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