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Can you name the Dr. Spencer Reid?

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Reid was addicted to this drugAfter Tobias Henkel kidnapped him
Who did he say 'Did you have to tackle us both?' to?After the person tackled Reid and an UnSub
Who was Reid refering to when he told Morgan 'I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind'Came to Reid for help because he was having sadistic sexual urges
How mant PhD's does Reid have?
Who was 'the prettiest girl in school' according to Reid?Revealed in 'An Elephant's Memory'... had a part in Reid being stripped naked and tied to the goalposts. NOT Harper Hillman
Who is the only girl that we've seen Reid kiss?It happened in a pool
How old was Reid when he finished Highschool?
What was the name of the bartender that Reid flirted with on a case?
What illness does Diana Reid suffer from?'The Fisher King Pt. 2'
Who was Reid's friend who dropped out of the academy on the first day?He's a jazz mucision in New Orleans.. 'Jones'
What actor plays Reid?MGG
Why is Reid afraid of the dark?Boogeyman
What game does Reid peak at Hotch's cards in?
What game does JJ beat Reid in?
What game has the team banned Reid from playing?'He's from Vegas and a magician
Who is the only member of the team that can continually beat Reid at chess?
How old was Reid when his father left?Memoriam
Who was Reid's mentor on the team?
Who's shoulder does Reid reportedly cry on for 10 weeks after Prentiss's 'Death'?
What is Reid'd father's name?
What does William do that Reid sacrcastically says '... that totally makes up for abandoning me as a child'?Memoriam
What disorder did Tobais Henkel suffer from?
What kind of memory does Reid have?
What was Reid's safety school?Memoriam
Who is the only person who calls Reid, Spence?
Who is Reid godfather to?Memoriam
What is Reid's IQ?
How fast can Reid read?

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