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What does BAU stand for?
What does UnSub stand for?
Where is the BAU based?
What is the name of the Unit Director of the BAU? (First and last)
True or False: The BAU is usually called in to assist with serial killers?
What is the name of the UnSub who thinks the team are knights of the round table?Fisher King pt. Two
Who are the brothers who kill 89 people on a pig farm in Ontario?To Hell... ....And Back
Who is the brains of the team?
Who is the brawn of the team?
Who is the agent who deals with the media?
What was a 'Major Depressive Episode' previously called?Extreme Aggressor
What did Gideon call Frank Breitkopf?No Way Out pt. One
What are Gideon's favorite animals?No Way Out pt. Two
How many agents died when Gideon sent them into a warehouse that was occupied by Adrian Bale?Extreme Aggressor/Won't Get Fooled Again
Where does Gideon go when he needs to get away from life?Fisher King pt. One
Who was Gideon's lady friend that was murdered by Frank?No Way Out pt. One
Who was the only victim that Frank left alive?No Way Out pt. 1&2
Why did Frank leave one victim alive?No Way Out pt. One
What is Gideon's son's name?Blood Hungry
What 'gift' did Gideon receive from Randall Garner?Fisher King pt. one
What is Hotch's ex-wife's name? (Maiden Name, NOT Hotchner)Extreme Aggressor
In which episode does she die?-----
Who is Hotch referring to when he says 'Remind me to have her drug tested'Paradise
Why did the Reaper leave George Foyet alive?Omnivore
Who was Hotch reffering to when he said 'I don't have to think, i know that he would have tried to kill my son, too.'100
What is Hotch's son's name?-----
What is Hotch's ex-sister-in-law's name?The Slave of Duty
What feild office did Hotch work in before the BAU?Extreme Aggressor
What is Hotch's Brother's name?The Tribe
What coin did Hotch spend most of his childhood looking for?Won't Get Fooled Again
What is JJ's real name?
What is JJ's Fiance's name?In Heat
What is the name of JJ's son?Memoriam
Who is JJ's son's god mother?Memoriam
What game is JJ good at?The Big Game
What team was JJ captain of in highschool?The Big Game
What are BOTH of the things that JJ is afraid of?The Boogeyman/ Revelations
What did JJ collect as a child?Fisher King pt. one
How old was JJ when her sister committed suicide?Risky Business
What did JJ's sister give her before committing suicide?Risky Business
What is Elle an expert in?Extreme Aggressor
Who said that Elle was 'impatient'?
What language other than English is Elle fluent it?Machismo
What 'gift' did Randal Garner leave for Elle?Fisher king pt. 1
What did Randal Garner write on Elle's wall in her blood after he shot her?Fisher King pt 2
Who drove Elle home before she got shot?Fisher King pt. 1
Where was Elle on vacation when she received the gift from the fisher king?Fisher King pt. 1
Who does Elle shoot in cold blood?Aftermath
What was Elle's father's nickname for her?Fisher king pt.2
What was Elle's last episode on Criminal Minds?

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