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Can you name the charms used in Harry Potter??

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EffectCharm Incantation
Shield Charm
Causes an object to explode
Extinguishes wand light
Ties someone (or something) up with rope
Magically locks a door
Magically magnifies the caster's voice
Causes steps to flatten and form a ramp
Silencing Charm
Turns an object rock-hard
Duplicates an object
Summoning Charm
Produces Fire
The Killing Curse
Turns an object into a portkey
The Caster's wand leaves fiery marks
Severing Charm
Conjures a flock of birds
Erects an object
Conjures the Dark Mark
Unlocks locked doors
Creates a beam of light from the caster's wand
Disarming Charm
Levitation Charm
Memory Charm
Confuses the target
Makes the target vanish
Makes the victims legs dance uncontrollably
Conjures a Patronus
EffectCharm Incantation
Produces a jet of water
Stunning Spell
Tickling Charm
Conjures a blindfold over the targets eyes
Reveals humans near the caster
Prevents people nearby hearing the caster's conversations
Causes the teeth of the recipient to grow at an alarming rate.
Dangles the opponent by their ankle
Impediment Curse
A charm that conjures a snake from the wand
Allows the caster to control their opponent
Charm used to fix broken objects
Increases the size of an object
Counter spell to Levicorupus
Makes an object go down or descend
Charm used to clean an object
Causes (conjured) objects to attack
Inflicts almost unbearable pain on the target
Badly wounds the target
Body-Bind Curse
Makes an item repel substances
Makes an enlarged object smaller
Allows the caster to delve into the targets mind
A Charm used to strengthen an enclosure
Causes secret passageways to open
Charm that sets an item on fire
Heals minor injuries

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