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Can you name the Arkham City Inmate?

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Character HintCharacter
I am the Predator of Gotham, I am the hero it needs, but not the one it deserves. Who am i?
I am a collector, who has a vendetta against a billionaire. Who am i?
I am two halves of the same whole. Who am i?
I am a thief, who proves time and time again that cats really do have nine lives. Who am i?
I am exact, always accurate and always lethal. Especially from a distance. Who am i?
I am a puzzle, whose pieces are not mine, but through force will be obtained. Who am i?
I am a target in plain sight, Ive bought my way to the top and have fallen to the bottom. Who am i?
I am an evergrowing root, whose seeds will blossom into hate. Who am i?
I am a subzero scientist, whose only existance has been stolen. Who am i?
I am a medical expert, with a lust for power and control. Who am i?
I am, in all essence, a wild card. Who am i?
I am death, just a phone call away. Who am i?
I am the offspring of a demon, Whose love has not the heart to kill. Who am i?
I am the unknown, the burning question in the back of your mind. Who am i?
I am the right hand of the Amusement Mile, Beautiful and just as deadly. Who am i?
Character HintCharacter
I am a superpower with a limited supply of energy. I have enlisted the help of the dark knight to get what i need. Who am i?
I am a billionaire orphan with an interesting alter-ego. Who am i?
I am a fabled reporter on the hunt for truth of this city. Who am i?
I am more or less, the man of the year. Who am i?
I am the sidekick of the dark knight, loyalty and compassion. Who am i?
I am the former sidekick of the dark knight, unknown to many but still a threat. Who am i?
I am a demon, and a legion. Who am i?
I am a Gotham police comissioner with a knack for saving the day. Who am i?
I am a copycat here for the role of a lifetime. Who am i?
I am the monster that lives under your feet. Who am i?
I am a False Facer, who has a burning hatred for a certain Billionaire. Who am i?
I am a mysterious watcher here to deliver a message should the dark knight be worthy. Who am i?
I dwell under the museum after ruthless experimentation by Ras Al Ghul. Who am i?
I am the easily the maddest man in Arkham City, and the most well dressed man at the tea party. Who am i?
I am a Reporter who was simply in the wrong place at the right time. Who am i?

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