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Can you name the Countries I have travelled to?

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Land of the Free, Place of My Birth
Oldest Country in the World, My Second
Only Asian country to reman independent
Evil Empire
This Euro country is always in the middle of wars
Where me ancestors are from
Oldest country in Europe
We will out industry you
Land o' Mozart
Um, can't think of a hint for this blip on the map
Land of the fake soccer/football injury
Land of silly bands and Vikings
Oldest monarchy and world flag
Stoner mecca
Truly Asia
No chewing gum allowed!
China's little brother
Lots and lots of islands
The junta only let me in a few feet
Soorry, eh?
We know waffles!
Where I bungee jumped
Even more islands!
Land of the hardest working students
Too big to fail?
We drink more beer than you
Land of Socrates
They don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but they should!
Winners of Euro 2008
Kicked America's Ass
Just think 'Q'
The Holy Fallafel Land
This whole country is a church
No, they're not Finnish, but they sound like it
Who's afraid of the Tamil Tigers?

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