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QuestionPlayer/TeamRecord and Super Bowl
Most rushing yards in a single game
Only player from a losing tream named MVP
Most passing yards in a single game
Fastest TD scored :14 into the game
Longest play (100 yards)
Only QB to start and win 2 Super Bowls not in Canton (that is eligible)
Only primarily special teams player to win MVP
Highest completion % single game
Most wins (team) without a Loss
Most losses (team) without a win (Two teams name either)
Most Super Bowl appearances team
Most Super Bowl wins (team)
Most games played (player)
Most wins (player)
Most TD scored game (4 players just type one)
Only 3 time Super Bowl MVP
QuestionPlayer/TeamRecord and Super Bowl
Most TD passes game
Longest run
Longest reception
Most recieving Yards Game
Only players to share MVP award (player 1)
Only players to share MVP award (player 2)
Only team to not score a TD
Worst Loss by a team (Losing Team)
Only coach to take two teams to the Super Bowl and NOT win one
Only coach to win four Super Bowls
Most yards from scrimmage in a single game (team)
Most games coached
Fewest rushing yards allowed (team)
Team that played in the Super Bowl closest to their home field
Oldest player in a Super Bowl

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