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One of two college towns in America whose names end in the letter B
They are not to far from each other 
Think directionally 
Only multisyllabic word in Green Eggs and Ham
box,fox, house, mouse, just doesn't matter 
Three modern players who have won World Series rings with 3 different teams
Phillies, Cardinals, Royals 
Dodgers, A's, Blue Jays 
Tigers, Twins, Blue Jays 
US Presidents with monosyllabic surnames
Huggy Bear 
Compromise on this one 
4 TD's in one game 
Hard to miss this guy 
Talk about forgettable 
Bet you never voted for this guy 
Don't misunderestimate him 
Teams Quentin Richardson has been on in 2009
He played for these guys last year 
Got him for Darko 
Got him for Zach Randolph 
Got him for Sebastian Telfair 
He plays for these guys now 
Only man to hit a HR for 3 different teams in the World Series
Giants, Indians, Diamondbacks 
3 movies to win top 5 Oscars (Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director, and Screenplay)
3 European capital cities that start end with the same letter
Think Spiderman 2 villains 
Think Polar 
Think Small 
Man with most Oscar nominations for acting in the 90's
4 (1 Supporting) 
FBS College team names that do not end in S or have a color or animal in their name
Roger **** 
Jon Gruden 
Mark Teixeira 
OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress, Loreal's Drama Queen, and Revlon's Kiss Me Coral are all types of what?
Something for the ladies ;) 
8 authors with a #1 fiction and nonfiction book on the NY Times best seller list
choose wisely 
This man liked his lists 
Charley felt his wrath 
An old man who could write 
A writer of books for good guys and crooks 
What would Joe Merchant say about this one? 
This one will come to you by Tuesday 
His most recent work hit stores today 11/03/09 
What is the meaning to life the universe and everything?
Don't Panic...Have Fun ;) 

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