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Cuban boy at the center of a custody battle2000
Won the TV show who wants to marry a millionaire, posed for Playboy, and returned to a normal life2000
Elected President of Russia2000
Elected President of Mexico2000
Elected President of the United States*2000
Florida Secretary of State at the center of the recount battle2000
CEO of Enron at the center of corruption scandal2001
Intern who disappeared and who was involved in an affair with former congressman Gary Condit2001
Singer/Actress who died in a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas2001
Little league pitcher at the center of a scandal after throwing a perfect game2001
Heroic passenger of United Flight 93 who uttered the famous line 'Let's Roll'2001
Music legend died November 29th2001
Reporter kidnapped and later killed by terrorists in Pakistan2002
American Taliban who was captured in 2001 pleads guilty to aiding abetting the terrorists 2002
NFL linebacker enlists in army rangers and will later be killed by friendly fire in Iraq2002
Beltway sniper who terrorized area for weeks is caught2002
Becomes the first Secretary of homeland Security and newest cabinet member2003
PFC captured by Iraqi forces. News of her heroic deeds were a tad embellished2003
First identified case of this disease is found in an American business man in Viet Nam2003
This man is elected Prime Minister of Canada2003
Married Brittany Spears in Vegas2004
Former Governor of Vermont who ruined a promising political career with an ill advised scream in Iowa2004
Female army reservist at the center of the Abu Ghraib scandal2004
Former President dies at age 932004
Governor who resigned and came out of the closet all at once2004
Director of CIA who resigned2004
Billionaire who completed first non stop non refueled solo flight around the world, he later disappeared on another voyage.2005
Woman at center of right to die case passes away after a long legal fight2005
Model and teacher who plead guilty to having sex with a 14 year old2005
Over 4 million turn out to mourn the passing of this world leader2005
this man is confirmed to be 'Deep Throat'2005
This guy was doing a heck of a job in the wake of Katrina according to the president2005
Sworn in as new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court2005
Congressman from Florida involved in scandal involving paiges2006
Sworn in as 22nd prime Minister of Canada2006
Elected president of Mexico2006
Former world leader who was executed2006
First female Speaker of the House2007
Idaho Senator pleaded guilty to attempting to have sex in an airport bathroom2007
Elected president of France2007
Former Senator who released a report on steroids in baseball2007
First woman elected to lead a muslim state is killed2007
His 3rd wife died, his 4th wife disappeared, he went on tv and cracked jokes.2007
Governor of New York who resigned amid a prostitution scandal2008
His prostitute of choice2008
Second woman ever to be on a major party presidential ticket2008
Arrested after running one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history2008
Divorced after being tabloid fodder and reality stars for years2009
Captain held hostage by Somali Pirates2009
Pilot who landed a plane in the Hudson2009
Beauty queen dethroned after her controversial remarks about gay marriage and later involved in a sex scandal2009
Gave birth to 8 kids after already having 6 and having no job2009
Released after 18 years of captivity2009
Crashed White House State dinner2009
Journalist(s) arrested and held captive in North Korea2009
Bristol Palin's baby daddy, posed for Playgirl2009

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