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Alphabetically first state capital
Alphabetically last state capital
Only state capital with no letters in common with state that it is in
Largest population (metropolitan)
Largest population (city proper)
Largest population without also being largest city in the state
Least populous also only one whose name starts with the last 4 letters of the state that it is in
Longest serving capital (predates US)
Longest continuosly serving capital in the US
Only capital that is states largest city w/o being largest metropolitan area as well
Only capital that is not the county seat of the county it is in
Of the alliterative state capitals the one that is alphabetically first
Of the capitals with the word city in their name the one that is alphabetically first
Of the capitals named after presidents the one that is furthest West
3rd oldest capital in the US and has the oldest capital building still in use
Only state capital to border another country
Only capital with 3 words in its name
Second highest elevated state capital
Only one word state capital that ends in K
State capital with the most letters in its name
One word State Capital with longest name
Captured and burned by General Sherman in the civil war
The board of education was famously sued here in the 1950's
Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville gave this city its name
Easternmost capital in the United States
Kurt Cobain lived here and the band Hole has a song named after the city
The Kanawha and Elk rivers meet in this state capital
The most significant Nuclear accident in America's history happened 30 years ago outside of this city
The name of this city comes from the semitic words for peace
Music City USA
Founded by Roger Williams
Teacher/Astronaut Christa McAuliffe and former President Franklin Pierce lived here
The 2006 Stanley Cup Champions play here
Only state capital that starts with F
Its where Patrick Henry said 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death'
One of the most 'liberal' capital cities in America it is the birthplace of Progressive magazine
Primary site of civil rights movement and a famous bus boycott
In 1957 President Eisenhower sent National Guard troops here to ensure the safety of 9 students attempting to integrate a school
The Bee is its primary newspaper
Only city to reject the Olympics after being selected to host, the games were moved to Innsbruck, Austria that year instead
The 'Insurance Capital of the World'
Home to the only royal palace used by an official monarch in the United States
Blue Turf (nuff said)
The Seminoles play here
Stuart Smalley is one of their Senators
The airport here was named after Medgar Evers
Prior to 9/11 the most destructive act of terrorism in the US took place here
The NY Times said if you have any desire to witness presidential candidates in the most up close and intimate settings there is no better place to go then here..
Originally named after John C. Calhoun, its most famous resident was the Great Emancipator
The one city I haven't listed yet ;)

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