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Can you name the Simpsons Characters?

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Husband of Marge, father of Bart, Lisa & Maggie
Wife of Homer, mum of Bart, Lisa & Maggie
Son of Homer & Marge, brother of Lisa & Maggie
Daughter of Homer & Marge, sister of Bart & Maggie
Daughter of Homer & Marge, sister of Bart & Lisa
Father of Homer, Grandpa of Bart, Lisa & Maggie
Closest friend of Abe Simpson
Twin sister of Selma, older sister of Marge
Twin sister of Patty, older sister of Marge
Channel 6 news anchor
Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Employee of the Nuclear Power Plant, friend of Homer Simpson
Superintendent of public schools
Proprietor of Androids Dungeon
Disco crazy
Mascot of a beer company
Springfield police officer
Springfield police officer
Mob boss
Ned Flanders deceased wife
Homer Simpsons neighbour
Son of Ned & Maude
Son of Ned & Maude
Mad scientist
Homer Simpsons drunken friend
Medical doctor
Cartoon mouse
Cartoon cat
Springfield Elementary bully
Springfield Elementary teacher
Owner of a TV show
Employee of Nuclear Power Plant, Homer Simpsons friend
Reverend of the First church in Springfield
Reverends wife
Springfield elementary school bus driver
Misfortunate man
Springfield Elementary bully
Operator of the Kwik-E-Mart
Student of Springfield Elementary
Mayor of Springfield
Incompetent medical doctor
The Simpson family's pet dog
Criminal mastermind
Seymour Skinners mother
Principal of Springfield Elementary
Mr.Burns's personal assistant
The Simpson's pet cat
Slack-Jawed Yokel
Wife of a Slack-Jawed Yokel
Employee of Judy Dench's fish & chips
Owner of _____ Tavern
Husband of Luann, father of Milhouse
Wife of Kirk, mum of Milhouse
Son of Kirk & Luann
Chief of Springfield Police
Student at Springfield Elementary
Caretaker of Springfield Elementary

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