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He's fat, lazy, smelly and stupid.
A walking disaster.
He'll never find a real friend.
Every day is a joy for this toddler.
He's always asking why.
A very wise and thoughtful dinosaur.
A condescending and sarcastic chocolatier.
The nicest guy in town.
The meanest guy in town.
The slowest creature imaginable.
A father who's never impressed.
He doesn't always, but when he does...
Talking to people is a chore for him.
Doesn't know a thing about electronics.
A singer from centuries ago.
Everything makes him nervous...
Don't make him angry!
Avoids the mainstream like the plague.
Can't teach children to save her life.
A benevolent man who frequently stereotypes himself by mistake.
Faces all the problems that come with being an artist.
Tries too hard to be funny.

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